Create a multi-purposed campaign: one that generates internal pride, one that acts as a rallying cry for new business; one that celebrates AECOM’s unique approach to problem-solving and their incredible people and, last but not least, one that highlights their global accomplishments.


AECOM has solved some of the world’s most difficult problems. They design, build, finance and operate projects that are global in scope, scale, and importance.  It’s these same people who so seamlessly team collaborate with companies all over the world to see to it that their vision comes to life. This total team approach is the only way difficult problems can be solved effectively.


With this in mind, it’s less about the ‘project’ that matters, it’s the human element. This lead us to a ramp-line and tagline filled with collaboration, insight, meaning and humanity: partnering with those who think without limits, we design, build, finance and operate…Dreams.

Aecom. Imagine it. Delivered.

AECOM Surfer Billboard

AECOM Banner at the NYSE

AECOM Billboard on Santa Monica Blvd.

AECOM 405 Billboard

AECOM Billboard Art


AECOM: Behind the Scenes at the Beach

AECOM: Behind the Scenes with John Singleton (Director)

AECOM: Behind the Scenes on the Train Platform

“When selecting a creative partner, Battery impressed us with their ability to produce creative work that both emotionally resonates and drives business forward. They have demonstrated a deep understanding of AECOM’s value proposition, capturing how we bring together our vast services to deliver transformative infrastructure solutions. We look forward to showcasing our work together throughout the year ahead.”

Heather Rim, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of AECOM