Warner Bros came to us with a simple but challenging proposition – broaden the reach of the Arkham Knight game beyond the hardcore fans of Batman and sell it to the casual gamer. When WB said ‘casual’, they meant really, really casual. They wanted to appeal to people who didn’t even own a PlayStation or Xbox. We had to first drive console sales in order to drive game unit sales.

Therefore the campaign couldn’t be about the features or the polygon count, it had to get to the core of why people identify with Batman. After all, Batman isn’t your typical super hero. He’s a human like us. The only difference between us and him is 10,000 push-ups and a billion dollars.


And there the insight was born – we can all be Bruce Wayne. We can all strive to be better, we can all stand up in the face of adversity. Once you feel the exhilaration of what it’s like to play as Batman, you’ll never want to put down your video game controller.


We first broke the Arkham video game mold by creating the first live action campaign in this mega-brand’s history directed by a two-time Oscar nominated director, Jeff Cronenweth, scored by Trent Reznor and CG created by Blu. The spots featured ordinary people rising up in dire situations. And it premiered during the 2015 NBA Finals on NBC.


The campaign helped this installment break all series record of this mega franchise with the biggest week one sales in it’s history. Sony attributed it to being their biggest console driver of the quarter and it became the best selling year to date video game of 2015 when it released.

Be Vengeance. Be the Night. Be the Batman.

To launch the game to the core audience, we scripted and concepted a trailer that tied our mass campaign directly into the game’s features.

Our friends at Hammer Creative edited the gameplay spot.

The campaign featured several high profile digital placements that we built with our partners at Eclipse.

A high profile OOH campaign included a Times Square takeover featuring artwork designed by the game’s developer, RockSteady Studios. Our partners at Midnight Oil Creative built the mechanicals.

“Battery knows how to build strategy that pinpoints the universal truth behind a product. They then develop marketing creative that makes an emotional connection with consumers and ultimately drives to purchase. On Batman: Arkham Knight, they helped to elevate our marketing from a video game campaign to something much broader and more mainstream.”

Craig Mitchell.  Director of Marketing, Warner Bros.