In November 2016, we launched the 2nd campaign for NBCUniversal’s comedy streaming service called Seeso. This year’s campaign focused on original shows speaking to comedy fans who are continually searching beyond the mainstream to get their fix. Battery’s job was to let them know that Seeso “gets” them and has the original content they crave. But with a new streaming service launching virtually every day, how do you stand out in the clutter and convince comedy die-hards to pay $3.99 for this service?


Having niche taste should be a badge of honor, NOT something to worry about. And Seeso is the only service that gets your type of left brand comedy.


We created a campaign featuring Paul F. Tompkins, one of Seeso’s biggest stars, as the spokesperson. His job – to visit people as they watch some of Seeso’s original shows to clear up any ‘misconceptions’ and give them credit for having the special kind of brain it takes to get Seeso’s brand of comedy.

“In our third campaign together, Battery got to the heart of what made our audience tick and developed an innovative way to connect our original programming with our ongoing brand messaging.”

Karene Tropen, Director of Consumer & Partner Marketing, NBCUniversal Digital Ventures