Warner Bros and DC Entertainment challenged us to launch a teaser campaign for the release of the INJUSTICE 2 video game and in the process – to shatter all previous notions of the world’s most beloved super hero icons.


The campaign is based on a universal truth. Change or die. Whether you’re a super hero or a mere mortal, those who emerge victorious adapt to new enemies, evolve their methods, and embrace change. To quote the great Nelson Mandela, “I never lose. I either win or learn.”


To prove the point, we took the most revered super heroes and plunged them into a ferocious, claustrophobic battle where they have no choice but to adapt. Legendary heroes like Super Man and Flash are presented in a way never seen before. Reduced to their most basic, savage selves they commit unspeakable acts of violence for their survival and beliefs. The intimate and visceral approach is reinforced by a dark, minimal visual style and highly detailed, reality-based sound design that reinforces the frantic urgency of the fight. As a result, not all of the action is seen, but every blow is felt to the core. The close quarter nature of the fight drives home the truth that conflict is inescapable. At some point, the fight finds you and you either engage or become a casualty. A wizened narrator reinforces the notion that through evolution we emerge victorious. In life, there will always be another fight. That will never change. But victors must. Thanks to Plastic Wax in Sydney for our great collaboration in creating the CG for this work.

“After so many different interpretations of the DC characters, we needed some fresh thinking, and Battery brought that with their less-is-more approach. They combined the game’s core idea – equipping gear to improve your fighter – with a unique style and story that appealed to both our core fighter and superhero fans as well as the mass. The results, over 20M views, speaks for itself.”

Craig Mitchell

Director of Global Brand Marketing, Warner Bros Interactive