Warner Bros Interactive challenged us to create an even bigger film topping the success of our Injustice 2 announce asset in June 2016. The follow-up piece for January 2017 needed to reveal key themes of the game’s story line in advance of the product release later this year while building further upon the campaign’s “Every Battle Defines You” theme.


In battle, the internal struggle is often times more powerful than the outer conflict. Combatants are profoundly changed and morals, once black and white, become ever shifting shades of grey.


While the Announce film focused on the external effects of battle through upgradeable armor, our “Duality” film brought to life the internal struggle. It blurs the lines between hero and villain, right and wrong, and depicts power’s often-insidious effect on the ego. Embracing the visual themes of black and white, the trailer documents the character journeys of the featured DC icons. Story lines include shifting alliances, emotional ambiguity and the hypocrisy of the hero. Thanks to Plastic Wax in Sydney for our great collaboration in creating the CG for this work.