How do you launch a new product into the crowded toys-to-life category dominated by the likes of Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Infinity? Not to mention a product with a higher price point against companies with a 3-year head start? You do it to the LEGO way – with Imagination.


What makes LEGO great? LEGO empowers builders of tomorrow making the next great generation of imagineers. Disney and Activision simply gave kids non-posable figures to play with. With LEGO Dimensions, kids could actually build their figures. Thus, the idea was born…”You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Imagination.”


We developed the campaign proposition in a global launch campaign across experiential, TV and online challenging kids and adults alike to combine brain, brawn and horsepower to achieve what no single hero, no matter how powerful, can achieve. Unlike Disney and Activision, we put the focus on the kids not the product. We empowered them to realize all of their imaginations, to build their worlds as they wanted, giving them ultimate control through their imagination. An imagination so big that not even their house could contain it. Thanks to our friends at Plastic Wax in Sydney for their masterful CG work in our launch spot.

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“Case Study: Empowering a Child’s Imagination”

“Endless Awesome” Campaign

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“Gameplay” :15 Campaign

“Endless Awesome” :30 Campaign

“Build” :15 Campain

“From the moment we first heard Battery’s campaign direction, we knew they had captured the endless possibilities of the brand in a way that speaks perfectly to our multiple targets. We were in!”

Stephanie Johnson, VP Global Marketing, LEGO Franchise