As the edgy, bold member of the Mike’s Hard Lemonade family, the Mike’s HARDER brand needed to establish a unique personality that was as surprising and unconventional as the drink itself.

The Mike’s HARDER consumers are bold young men who crave a life lived to the limit. So we decided to own HARDER. No apologies. No regrets. No problem.

The campaign went right to the heart of the matter by spoofing the Erectile Dysfunction genre.

To further support the campaign, we created accompanying digital banner assets to live alongside the spots, driving home the HARDER innuendos.

In addition to the video and digital banners campaign we are cultivating and producing images, GIFs, and short videos for Mike’s HARDER social media platforms in 2016 and 2017.

“Mike’s HARDER is the number one 16oz can in convenience. It’s a bold product for an uncompromising consumer. We wanted to underscore and own that boldness with a standout, hilarious campaign promoting the brand with a clever sense of humor and no apologies. Battery is great at thinking outside of the box and they nailed the sense of humor that appeals to our target.”

Kevin Brady, Creative Director at Mike’s Hard Lemonade