Develop and launch NBCUniversal’s new streaming video on demand comedy service into a crowded marketplace dominated by Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

Before the launch of the brand spot, we created a teaser campaign geared to core fans. The work features expose type content unveiling Seeso’s roots as a secret society – basically, comedy’s illuminati.

First out of the gates was a profanity-laced teaser that reveals Seeso’s dark and depraved history as an ancient club for comedy’s elite. Rather than releasing the usual promos made up of show clips, Battery scripted, shot and produced a collection of original content.


This new streaming service was a comedy fan’s curated goldmine – everything from timeless Saturday Night Live to cult favorites like Kids In the Hall or last night’s Jimmy Fallon. It’s the ultimate comedy club. But in the immortal words of Groucho Marx –  “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.”  Thus the insight was born – if comedy is a club, then Seeso is the gatekeeper and it’s only for those who “Get It.”


We created a 4-month campaign that targeted comedy fans and depicted a world gone crazy with comedy. The work is based on a simple premise. Once you’ve seen quality comedy, you can’t unsee it. Whether it’s the “Crushing Your Head” skit from Kids In The Hall or SNL’s “Dick In A Box,” good comedy stays with you. Our Brand spot tells the story of one devotee that really can’t turn it off.

The campaign stars such comedy masters as Tom Lennon from Reno 911, Amy Poehler, Jonah Ray and Dan Harmon.  All of the talent appears on the network, many on exclusive Seeso programs.

“Battery demonstrated a truly insightful approach to the Seeso audience and their creative depth is perfect for the diverse array of comedy programming that we have in store.”

Patricia Parra Hadden, SVP, NBCU Digital Enterprises