Redefine the “drone” category.

Sky Viper reimagines what a drone can do: almost indestructible and completely affordable, a Skyrocket Sky Viper Drone is a must-have for anyone who wants to have fun controlling the skies. The assignment: find a unique perspective for this very unique drone.


Our target sees themselves as individuals. They don’t follow trends. They don’t care if they’re fashionable or in vogue. All proud of their unique personalities and overall vibe. They do what makes them happy and the world tends to follow THEIR lead.      


Our big idea: Personal expression through droning.

Sounds odd, but it’s a way to tie both our audience and and the uniqueness of the product together. Most drone companies talk incessantly about power and navigational capabilities, Skyrocket and Battery choose to put the spotlight on the people who fly them; when they fly them; how they fly them and why.

Our audience drones their way and to all these unique, high-flying individuals we simply say: Stay Fly

Battery nailed it! They brought strategic focus to our line of Sky Viper drones, helping us to articulate how we democratize otherwise cost-prohibitive technology, making drones accessible for everyone. What’s more, they helped bring the strategy to life with a fun, quirky campaign. Stay fly indeed.

Jessica Nassi, Social Media, Public Relations, and Corporate Communications Manager, Skyrocket Toys