Create advertising that stands out for its entertainment value

We apply that mindset to brands that are already entertaining like, Netflix, the L.A. Clippers and Epic Games. But we also extend it to brands that don’t have obvious entertainment equity, like the Royal Bank of Canada, Borjomi Water, and so many others.

In a world where people have a lot of choices, being entertaining stands out and gets talked about. It’s that simple.

Here’s how we get it done…

We create brand impact with imaginative ideas scaled through intelligent media experience, creating a multiplier effect for sustainable growth.

We make it entertaining with Hollywood storytelling via a next gen entertainment studio staffing model with deep LA production ties and talent. 

We move at the speed of innovation with quick sprints, sharing work early and often, and collaborating uncomfortably close with our data and tech partners to constantly test, learn, and pivot

We are born in Hollywood with indie grit, scaled globally with the backing of the Havas network to create brand impact with ideas that are impossible to ignore.

Offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and Shanghai.

500 Projects Later

With an ever changing world of how we consume content, we realize brands need to make advertising that people seek out, share and talk about.

Our Clients

We owe our versatility and our adaptability to the wide range of collaborators that we have worked with over the years. Emerging from different business areas, those collaborators are allowing us to learn a little more each day.

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