Battery added three new members to the team for the Summer of 2016, learn a little bit about our stellar interns below!

Rachel is a junior at Otis College of Art and Design, studying communication design. When Rachel graduates she wants to become a creative director in advertising and take over the world, even if it means there are a few steps in the way before that happens. She’s won student creative campaign competitions hosted by the One Club and spends most of her time staying up late working on school and freelance projects. Her hobbies include defending LA living to anyone from her hometown outside of San Francisco, drinking iced coffee, and getting worked up about typography as concerned friends and family nod and back away slowly.

Marco Lukini was born in Mexico City and is a graphic designer, photographer, visual artist, filmmaker, and current graduate student studying graphic design in the MFA program at California Institute of the Arts. Marco has traveled to different countries in the Unites States, Mexico, Italy and India which have expanded his vision of the arts. He is always working on graphic design projects, movies, gallery presentations, and teaching graphic design at the college level.

Bianca Ramirez is from Boston and currently resides in Miami as an MFA candidate at the University of Miami class of 2017. When Bianca isn’t working on expanding her knowledge of the film industry and honing her directing skills, she enjoys exploring nature, people, and various forms of art that inspire change outside of the ordinary. Bianca believes travel and exploration allow her to meet new people and discover different pieces of herself. Bianca’s love for nature, education, music, family, running and hiking inspires her to be better. She has worked with celebrities and politicians, but children are by far here favorite. She has had the opportunity to work on short films, commercials, feature films and even a few television series. Bianca is very passionate about sharing her artistry and bringing untold stories to life. As the author of B Beyond Words she lives by the words: Be the DIFFERENCE to MAKE the DIFFERENCE and inspire LOVE every single day of my life, and encourage others to do the same!