Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse.


With the 90th anniversary of Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse on the horizon, Disney looked to celebrate the event with an exhibit in NYC to feature some of the most historic Mickey Mouse artwork and partnered with Battery to bring attention to this great event.


Disney’s Mickey Mouse is one of the most well-known and beloved animated characters ever created. Let’s leverage the rich history and create attention-grabbing art that taps into the nostalgia of being a child.


First, we collaborated with our media partners to develop a targeted OOH by driving foot traffic to our exhibit and creating ‘Instragrammable’ OOH. Times Square, Soho, Meat Packing, and the Lower East Side were the areas we targeted and blanketed with our campaign work, buying OOH boards and wild postings all over the area.

Second, we worked closely with the Disney team to dig through the Mickey archives to find the most iconic and compelling visuals of Mickey. The goal was to create a campaign that let Mickey do all the work! And grab the attention of those passing by. With big visuals paired with the details of the exhibit, our campaign came to life in an artful way.