Making the world more comfortable, one MeUndies membership at a time.

“There are agencies that do great work and then there are partners who dive all in with you.”

When we knocked on Battery’s door a few weeks before an important launch moment, they did not shy away from the challenge. Instead they stepped up to the plate, embraced our team and the opportunity, and within weeks executed an insightful campaign with the upmost passion, pride and professionalism. Thank you to the Battery crew for doing great work with us and for being amazing partners every step of the way.

— Courtney Simons
Director, Brand Marketing, MeUndies


MeUndies was looking to reinvigorate their subscription business by evolving to a membership program. With new member only exclusives and pricing on all items, members have even more ways to deepen their relationship with the MeUndies community. Our task was to create excitement for their new model and break out of the subscription box clutter.


MeUndies members are confident and comfortable in their individuality, and in expressing their MeUndies love. For our target, being a MeUndies member means a celebration in being comfortable everyday.


Join us if you like feeling really good. Like eating pizza in your underwear good. Join us if you like matching that underwear to the pizza you’re eating because you can. Join us and feel good doing whatever it is you want wearing underwear you really like.  If you’re comfortable, join the comfortable.