The tradition in toy marketing has always been to scream at kids with every feature that can be crammed into a 30s TV commercial. But with influencers now doing the heavy lifting (take YouTube un-boxing videos as prime example), toy advertising needs to change.

Through our extensive LEGO work, we make the kid the hero not the toy. By creating an emotional and aspirational connection with the kid on screen, on viewers get inspired by the control that our hero has over his universe. Creating an immediate need state.


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  • Apps, Games & Digital Products
  • COPPA Compliance
  • Experiential, hands-on and demo events
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  • POS

Some of the Toy Brands we helped succeed:


LEGO Dimensions

You’re gonna need a bigger imagination
Named Promax’s Kids Marketing Campaign of the Year

How do you launch a new product into the crowded toys-to-life category dominated by the likes of Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Infinity? You do it to the LEGO way – with Imagination.

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Breaking the Mold on Toy Advertising

To legitimize Recoil as a MUST-HAVE, cool, epic,
competitive experience like nothing that has ever been available.

Sky Viper

Democratizing technology

Sky Viper reimagines what a drone can do: almost indestructible and completely affordable, a Skyrocket Sky Viper Drone is a must-have for anyone who wants to have fun controlling the skies.


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