In the hyper-competitive gaming sector, making a splash at launch is just the first level. Extending the lifespan of a title between launches is what’s critical to the bottom line.

In the connected world, creating experiences that leverage the peer-to-peer influence of millions of players around the globe is key to getting players to play better, engage longer, buy more DLC between launches and be first in line for the next release.

From Promax’s Kids Video Game Marketing Campaign of the Year (LEGO Dimensions) to Ad Age’s Integrated Campaign of the Year (Batman Arkham Knight), we take great pride in our gaming work.


  • Broadcast Creative and Production
  • Launch Campaigns
  • DLC Strategy & Development
  • Social Media & Influencer Campaigns
  • Creative & Content Development
  • Four-screen Experiences & Apps
  • Acquisition
  • UGC
  • Four-screen Experiences & Apps
  • CRM / Registration
  • Apps & Programs
  • Gamer Support Experiences
  • Digital Apps
  • OOH
  • Social PR and Reputation Management
  • Website Design/Development

some of the the gaming brands we helped succeed:


Batman Arkham Knight

Celebrating the Hero in Us All
Named Ad Age’s Integrated
Campaign of the Year

Warner Bros came to us with a simple but
challenging proposition – broaden the reach
of the Arkham Knight game beyond the hardcore fans of Batman and sell it to the casual gamer.

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LEGO dimensions

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Imagination Named Promax’s Kids Campaign of the Year

How do you launch a new product into the crowded toys-to-life category dominated by the likes of Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Infinity?
You do it to the LEGO way – with Imagination.

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Mortal Kombat

Revitalizing a Dormant Brand

Mortal Kombat was a beloved 27 year old brand with a ton
of equity, but it remained a hardcore fighting brand
with a very specific consumer following.


Bringing a Core Brand to the Masses

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment challenged us
to launch a teaser campaign for the release of the
INJUSTICE 2 video game and in the process


Breaking the Mold on Toy Advertising

To legitimize Recoil as a MUST-HAVE, cool, epic,
competitive experience like nothing that has ever been available.

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm

Giving Gamers Permission to Want More

Partnering with Blizzard Entertainment, our task
was to create an ad campaign for the launch of
their game Heroes of the Storm 2.0.

Crash Bandicoot

Re-introducing a Beloved Brand

We needed to communicate to the global fans that had originally fallen in love with the franchise that Crash was back and insanely better


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