What sets creative brand agencies apart from other marketing agencies?

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All marketing and ad agencies are not created equal. There are digital agencies, performance marketing agencies and creative brand agencies.

How are they different?

Digital Agency

Digital agencies offer services in the technical and strategic stages of marketing campaigns online. Their expertise is in the placement and ad spending strategy.
They’ll often find you the best ROI on every dollar your business has budgeted for a campaign.

These agencies have strong relationships with advertising networks. Your business will, as a result of these relationships, be able to take advantage of optimization techniques and proprietary tools to gain an advantage.

Performance Marketing Agency

Often used in the service and e-commerce industries, performance marketing agencies rely on a vast network of publishers and in-house media buyers to drive incremental sales.

With direct relationships across multiple platforms and high-traffic web publishers, performance marketing agencies use their wide reach to put your business in front of as many eyes as your budget will allow.

Due to their pay for performance model, many businesses looking to sell a product or service will seek a performance marketing agency to promote their campaign. With this lower-risk pay structure, the opportunity to scale is limited only by budget and the marketability of your service or product.

Creative Brand Agency

When you need to stand out through visual means and make an impact on your brand’s perception in the marketplace, a creative brand agency will deliver on your expectations.

Focusing more on the production side of marketing, a creative agency will be staffed by more strategic and creative thinkers than media buyers and business development professionals.

With the shift to content marketing, creative agencies are becoming increasingly valuable to businesses across every industry.

Whether it be a rebrand, product launch, or engagement campaign, the creative skill sets employed at these types of agencies have the ability to make or break a brand. Although the platform often varies; TV commercials, digital display ads, billboards, logo design, product design, etc, the goal is always the same: deliver on the vision of your business.

A creative brand agency will act as a pipeline of resources to translate your vision into reality. Using expertise built upon years of proven success, an established creative agency can move your brand forward at the speed of light.

Which one do you need?

As you might expect, there is no one answer. Every business has differing visions and goals, and also ideas on how to execute them. It’s best to understand the niche each of type of agency serves, and select the type of agency best-suited to your vision and goals.

The question again is, what is your business trying to accomplish?

Choose the type of agency serving your goal or vision of the marketing campaign. Often times, businesses will employee multiple agency types to maximize ROI.

For example, a business will use a creative brand agency to make a YouTube commercial. Once the video is produced, the business will then employ a digital agency to build a campaign delivery strategy.

Ultimately, the key to building a long term relationship is to employ an agency that is willing to listen and understand your vision and goals.

If you leave your initial agency consultation with excitement and confidence, this is the agency you should be hiring. People and relationships matter.

These are the people who will engineer and execute your campaign strategy. They hold your brand’s future in their hands. If you believe in the people working on your campaign, you’ll be confident in knowing the results will meet or exceed expectations. Get out there and find the right agency!